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Meet the Swans

Swans are known for their ability to grieve for a lost or dead mate or cygnet (offspring).Swans will go through a mourning process, and in the case of the loss of their mate, may either stay where (s)he lived, or fly off to join a flock. Should one of the pair die while there are cygnets (babies) present, the remaining parent will take up their partner’s duties in raising the clutch. The mute swan is one of the heaviest flying birds, averaging from about 23.4 to 26.2 pounds.


Noah the Swan


Noah-a gentle swan-was exploited by a Maui hotel as a tourist attraction, until the management got tired of cleaning up his droppings and ordered that he be “put down.” Now a happy resident of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, he enjoys his new pond and barn murals every day.



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