Meet the Leilani Family

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Aloha! Welcome to the Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Explore an island paradise where farm animals rescued from slaughter and callous hunters live in sheltered harmony. Take a personal guided tour and hear their stories. Kiss a donkey, cuddle a chicken, feed bunnies and guinea pigs, frolic with goats, and lose yourself in the soulful brown eyes of a cow. A visit to Leilani Farm Sanctuary changes lives and hearts—yours and theirs. 

“Highlight of our trip to Maui! MUST Visit these Animals. This farm is amazing… lots of animals following us around. They all live happily on one gorgeous farm. It felt like we were on the set of Snow White. Makes me smile every time I think about this experience.” -Don
“It was such a lovely property! We felt such a strong kindness and calmness from Laurelee throughout the whole tour. It’s hard to find genuine people nowadays, and that person was this wonderful lady who has dedicated her life to rescuing animals. If we come back to Maui in the future, we will definitely come back to this sanctuary.” -Alyssa, August 2019
“This is an experience you must have when you come to Maui. You can really feel the love and effort made by everyone here to keep this sanctuary running so well. Our favorite memories will be cuddling with the chickens and walking around with Nancy the goat. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.” – Linda, August 2019
“This was a spectacular sanctuary, founded by a wonderful woman who is very passionate and knowledgeable about the work she does. I would recommend this to anyone coming to Maui, the experience was something I will never forget. Also, being able to get so close to all of the animals was something very special for me. Fun for families, couples, solo. Amazing just simply amazing. Will be coming back when in Maui.” – Rayvyn, July 2019

“Wonderful experience. Up close and personal with the animals. The host has a true passion and love for her animals which shows and makes the experience even more enjoyable.” – Bill, July 2019

“Truly an unforgettable experience. This was a special peak into a world of beautiful yet tortured souls, recovering and thriving with their loving human mother, Laurelee.” – Tia, July 2019

“Loved the experience on the farm. Laurelee was a great host and the animals were all too cute and friendly. My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves.” – Lesley, July 2019

“It was wonderful to see a place where animals could be free and live a natural existence. The sanctuary is well done and really inspiring to see.” – Katrin, June 2019

“Laurelee is an amazingly, kind and sweet woman! She runs the entire farm by herself (along with volunteers) and it’s very clear how much love and passion goes into every single animal. The tour was amazing. It was the perfect amount of time to have her walk us through all the different farm animals and it was such a unique experience. We were able to feed some guinea pigs, hold chickens, brush donkeys and goats… just absolutely breathtaking. Super family friendly. All around outstanding time, I HIGHLY recommend doing this.” – Kristina, July 2019
“Laurelee is brave and her Sanctuary is beautiful. It was one of my best experiences in Maui to see rescued animals living in a safe environment, surrounded by love and care. If you are around, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary, to interact with the animals, and to support them!” – Susane, July 2019
“This was such a great tour. The sanctuary was beautiful and filled with so many beautiful and friendly animals. Laurelee was a welcoming host with a great story of how she started the sanctuary. My wife and I highly recommend this tour!” – Kass, July 2019
“Must do experience during your stay on Maui! There are many chances to hold and pet different kind of farm animals. The host Laurelee is very kind and you can tell she loves all of her animals.” – Erika, July 2019

“This was one of the best parts of my trip to Hawaii. If you’re an animal lover (or even not), I’d highly recommend it.” – Morgan, June 2019

“What a beautiful, special experience on the island of Maui. I’ve been coming to Maui for 30 years, but this was truly unique. I felt connected to the animals, nature, and the island. Would highly recommend this for any animal lovers, or families. The grounds were beautiful and the host had wonderful stories to share (plus the proceeds go toward the animals)!” – Sonja, July 2019

“This was honestly the highlight of our trip. When people ask us how our trip went, this is the first thing my daughter tells them about. It was an amazing experience, all the animals on this farm are so loved and well cared for by Laurelee. Laurelee is a fantastic person who truly cares about animals. I loved being able to cuddle a chicken, something I never thought they even liked. The goats were my favourite, they followed the group around like little children. We got to feed the guinea pig and bunnies, and we groomed the goats, deer and pigs. Thank you Laurelee for showing us around your farm, and inviting us to see all your animals. It was amazing!

It felt so lovely, joyful to be immersed in acres of plants, fruit trees, friendly rescued animals, etc, and the host made us so welcomed!” – Jacky, July 2019

“I loved every minute of this special tour. The animals were all so loved and happy. I didn’t expect to get to interact with the animals so much – held and pet a chicken, brushed the goats and donkeys, and fed the Guinea pigs and rabbits. Highlight of my trip.” – Kaly, May 2019

“Highlight of our trip to Maui! MUST Visit these Animals. This farm is amazing… lots of animals following  us around. They all live happily on one gorgeous farm. It felt like we were on the set of Snow White. Makes me smile every time I think about this experience.   -Don


rabbit_icon Your sustaining support helps us provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for rescued animals; and humane education to the community.


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cow_icon Help us provide care for a rescued animal and receive an “adoption” certificate with a picture of your sponsored animal.


rabbit_icon Experience an unforgettable adventure in paradise with a personalized guided tour at Leilani Farm. Available every Saturday at 10 a.m. and Wednesday at 4 p.m.