Disaster Preparedness and Sustainability

Because all animal feed and hay is shipped in by barge from the Mainland, we must always be prepared for an emergency by growing food on the land. To this end, Leilani Farm Sanctuary grows a variety of organic food crops for the animals, including, bananas, pineapples, Surinam cherries, mangos, papayas, jackfruit, breadfruit, mint, kale, starfruit, avocados and collard greens. We practice permaculture in which nutrient-rich water from the duck pond is used to irrigate the plants and trees. Composted manure mixed with straw cleaned out from the barns nourishes our gardens.


In the event of a large-scale disaster, an immense quantity of food would need to be harvested to to keep nearly three hundred animals well-fed and properly nourished. To be prepared, we must greatly expand our plantings as soon as possible.


We need your help to increase our supply of food crops for the animals.


You can help by either

1. Volunteering to work on the farm helping to maintain the banana groves, vegetable gardens, and fruit orchards for the animals.
2. Making a donation to enable us to plant additional crops.

With your kindness, compassion, and generosity, the rescued animals at Leilani Farm Sanctuary will continue to be fed even if overseas shipments abrubtly stop.


Thank you for caring!

Leilani Farm Sanctuary Wish List

We are always in need of supplies to care for the animals and further our educational programs. Below are just some of the things that would help us in our work. If you can provide any of these, please contact us by phone 808-298-8544 or by e-mail at info@leilanifarmsanctuary.org

  • Animal feed – hay, grain, fresh greens, fruit, and veggies for rabbits and other animals
  • Animal bedding – straw and wood shavings
  • Expansion of habitat – fencing materials and gates for 40 x40 paddock
  • Labor – painting, fencing, carpentry, tree trimming
  • Gravel for muddy driveway
  • Various gardening tools, seedlings/nursery starts
  • Nonperishable snacks and beverages for volunteers
  • Gift Certificate for Farm Supply Store
  • Funding for veterinary treatment barn
  • Sponsor a group of special-needs children to receive animal-assisted therapy $400