The Rooster’s Crow

I love tuning in and really listening to the vocalizations of the roosters at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. Their crows are as variable as the colors of a rainbow. They are truly musical! Some roosters have low-pitched voices, others have high-pitched calls, and a few have voices that sound gravelly.


Many people wonder why a rooster crows. There are several theories that may answer this question. A rooster may crow to in response to the changing levels of light, to establish his territory, to communicate with hens, to signal an alert to something happening in the environment, or simply because he loves to hear the sound of his own voice singing “Cock-a-doodle-doo.”


Most roosters’ crows are four syllables, but occasionally, we hear three or five syllables. Many sound like they are singing “Happy Birthday.” After so many years of living with roosters nearby, I can actually distinguish each bird by the sound of his voice.


I am often asked how I can sleep with roosters going off at all hours. The truth is, to me their crowing is like white noise–I would have difficulty sleeping without this familiar sound.