Promise Fund

Long Ago I Made a Promise...

– to spend my life saving helpless animals and being a voice for the voiceless

– to do everything I could to end animal cruelty in all forms

– to create a paradise for rescued animals who would be given their forever home

– to give them the very best of care and all the love they deserve

Now, I Want to Complete That Promise. 

I want to make absolutely sure that this promise will be actualized in every way. I want to assure that the animals will be cared for after I’m gone–and that my legacy will live on. 
The time has now come for us to fully own this magnificent tropical land on which the Sanctuary operates as home to hundreds of rescued animals. Owning the land will guarantee that we remain fully in charge of important decisions, and will also insure that the Sanctuary animals will have a home far beyond our lifetimes.

Our goal is to raise the $1.3 million that’s needed to actualize this Big Dream. The “Promise Fund”campaign has now been launched, in support of our manifesting this dream of full ownership–ideally, in the very near future. A special interest-bearing fund has been set up for this purpose.


Can you help us with a donation in any amount?

Any donation is appreciated this holiday season, and will help to provide a secure future for the animals.