Monday and Wednesday Morning Volunteering

Join us on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:00 a.m. to help out at the farm. Projects may include cleaning the barn, gardening, carpentry spreading wood chips, animal grooming, handyperson jobs, deck cleaning, tree trimming, manure collection, weed whacking, mulching, window washing, cleaning rabbit pen, grass cutting, chain sawing, chipping, painting, carpentry, concrete work, trail maintenance, invasive plant removal, fence installation/repair, and more. Your help will make a meaningful difference to the animals and visitors at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. To participate, please email your RSVP to

May 19th Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Meet the Author, Booking-Signing Event Saturday, May 19th 1-3 PM


 “Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui” chronicles Laurelee Blanchard’s unique journey from corporate America to creating a sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

The story—enhanced by stunning photographs—begins by taking readers on a tour of Laurelee’s life running a sanctuary for rescued farm animals such as goats, pigs, and chickens in Hawaii. It quickly rewinds the clock beginning with her harrowing childhood, a highly successful career in commercial real estate, the joys and challenges of marriage, and her eventual decision to abandon her pursuit of money to start one of the most well-respected animal sanctuaries in the United States. You will be captivated by the accounts of her daring and life-threatening animal rescues. Her story will motivate you to think about everything you’re doing in your own life, inspiring you to pursue your own heartfelt passion and to cherish every day.



In this extraordinary first-hand account, Laurelee Blanchard demonstrates her unwavering devotion to the care of rescued animals–and thus to the welfare of all sentient beings. What a shining example of love-in-action! By dedicating her life to the cause of animal protection and humane education, she has given animals a voice, affirming that each individual is a conscious “someone,” worthy of love and protection. Blanchard is a model of selfless service and Leilani Farm Sanctuary is indeed a Maui treasure!”

Ram Dass, – spiritual leader and author of several seminal best-selling books; including Be Here Now and Polishing the Mirror

“Laurelee Blanchard has done what millions dream of but few dare do. She left behind the American dream of unlimited consumption, and chose instead a deeper dream of limitless compassion. In the process, she found her soul, and she has become a beacon of hope and of love for us all. At one level, hers is a story of selfless service. But at a deeper level, it is actually a story of how we can all find ourselves, and our true fulfillment, when we choose to live our dreams. This story will inspire you. It will enthrall you. And it just might change your life.”

Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution Network

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