Aloha! Welcome to the Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Leilani Farm Sanctuary, located on a lush 8-acre farm in Haiku, Maui, is home to donkeys, goats, chickens, cats, deer, rabbits, ducks, pigs, deer, sheep, tortoises, guinea pigs, geese, ducks, turkeys, a cow, and a dog. The sanctuary is an all volunteer, non-profit organization created to provide shelter and care for rescued animals, and humane education to the community.

The sanctuary was named in honor of Leilani, the farm's first resident donkey.

There are rolling green pastures for goats and donkeys to graze, hundreds of trees for the cats to climb, and jungle environments for the chickens to explore and a shady garden for the rabbits to enjoy.

The sanctuary is truly a paradise for animals who have been rescued from a life of deprivation and have an opportunity to enjoy a bit of heaven right here on earth!

Our sanctuary is looking for people who are willing to sponsor our residents. You can see who needs sponsorship as well as other ways to help the sanctuary by going to the Help page.

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