Factsheets on Factory Farming, Activism and Animal Issues

Here are a series of helpful and informative factsheets on various topics related to factory farming. You can read them online as well as download pdf versions.

Several ways to stop the abuses of factory farming...(read more)

Dairy Production
Revelation of cruelty practised in the dairy industry...(read more)

Dairy Health Hazards
Health issues related to the consumption of dairy...(read more)

Environmental Impact of Animal Agriculture
How our landscape changes because of animal-based diets...(read more)

Egg Production
Cruelty and health issues regarding eggs...(read more)

Factory Farming
The factory farming system strives to produce the most meat, milk, and eggs...(read more)

Free Range
Free-range animals suffer like intensely-confined animals...(read more)

Goat Dairies
Goats on commercial dairy farms are typically regarded as commodities...(read more)

Health Benefits of Plant-based Diet
The American Dietetic Association states that vegans have a lower risk of...(read more)

Ova-lacto Vegetarians
Myths revealed about ova-lacto diets...(read more)

Some of the worse animal abuses are inflicted on poultry animals...(read more)

Farm Animals Are Sentient Beings
Exploitation and abuse of sentient beings is wrong...(read more)

One million animas are slaughtered every hour in the USA...(read more)

The Transition to Plant-based Foods
Going vegetarian has never been easier...(read more)

One the most abusive practices in agribusiness today...(read more)

Vegan FAQs
Answers to some frequently asked questions...(read more)

Vegan Nutrition
The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety...(read more)

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