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"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for opening up your beautiful farm to our family yesterday. We all had the most amazing time. How welcoming everyone was...including the animals! My youngest daughter absolutely loved feeding Nancy the goat out of the garden. We would love to volunteer again during our next trip back to Maui. You have done an amazing job demonstrating true compassion for all animals. What an inspiration you are. The world is a better place because of you. My family and I felt that yesterday, loud and clear. Thank you,"  Jessica Macdonald, Idaho

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day at the Sanctuary! Getting to meet the animals was definitely a highlight of my trip! And getting to hold Akachan the hen and Dennis the rooster was the highlight of my day there. I think everyone should have a chance to hug a chicken. It was a life-changing experience for me, even though I'm already vegan. I'm convinced that if enough people could meet chickens in this way, we would have a much kinder world."  Alexandra

"Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of your sanctuary! If there is any doubt that special people still inhabit this world, you are proof of that! I will stay in touch, and do what I can to help. The animals of Maui are fortunate to have you here! Thank you so much for caring!"  Gail

"We had so much fun at the Sanctuary and it was really great to meet you. We want to at some point have a fundraiser party for Leilani back here in MD and send you the proceeds! We love what you are doing and your place left a deep impact on our hearts! Aloha!"  Kate

"We were so lucky to learn about Leilani Farm Sanctuary while we were visiting the Maui Ocean Center. You were so welcoming to our small tour group. Your commitment and love of the animals you have saved and sheltered simply made your face shine with joy. Visiting your sanctuary has given me so much to think about. I have not purchased any meat product since our return. I just wrote to my sister and parents who are planning a birthday dinner for me when we visit them in San Diego. This is what I wrote to my sister: "I am not eating lamb, pork or beef anymore. Just thought I'd mention it in case you're planning dinner. We went to a beautiful animal sanctuary in Maui and I had a shift in perspective I hadn't expected. I'll tell you more about it when I see you." So, thank you for the beautiful hand-written note you sent in response to our recent donation, and most importantly, for helping me think about things in a different way. All the best to you and all of the rest of the happy residents of Leilani Farm Sanctuary."   Georgia and Mark

"Never, ever, will I forget what happened to me the day I arrived at the farm asking if I could help. Everything changed for me. I thank you, all the animals, and the many friends who have forever left an imprint on my life. I now understand "true" friendship between people and animals. Thank you for all you have shown me and for teaching me to love with an open heart. When we die, if we are very, very good, we will get to go to Leilani Farm Sanctuary, because that is Heaven. "   Cate Shelly

"Thank you sooo much for such a wonderful feeling visit to your sanctuary. Your place is so inviting for all your animals as well as visitors...what a lovely piece of property/home you have developed for your special animals. I especially love your "stories" of how some of them came to the made it heartfelt!"  Rick

"Thanks again SO much for the tour of your amazing farm and for sharing all your wonderful animals and stories with us:) My parents and I have talked to so many people about the farm and I have shared pictures and I have quite a few people that will be going to Maui over the next few years that are so coming to your farm! My mom even got me to print off some pictures of the animals as she told her class (she's a teacher) about the farm and they wanted to see some of the animals she was talking about!"   Alee Chapman

"I was so thrilled to come here to the Sanctuary. I have never seen farm animals so healthy and happy. I also got to meet Laurelee Blanchard who runs the Sanctuary. It was wonderful."  Victoria Velinski

"Highlight of our trip to Maui! MUST Visit these Animals". This farm is amazing... these animals are so sweet. There was a pig, a deer, a baby goat.... lots of other animals following us around on our tour. They all live happily on one gorgeous farm. It felt like we were on the set of Snow White. Makes me smile every time I think about this experience. These animals have been brought back to "life" ... a GREAT life because of Laurelee and her volunteers. Please visit these animals. They would love your company!"  Don

"Leighton and I went to the coolest place on Maui today! We got to see pigs, baby goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, donkeys and we pet a deer!!!! It was so much fun! If you haven't gone, make sure you visit! The owner Laurelee Blanchard did an awesome job telling us all about the animals. We are both looking forward to visiting again soon!!"  Lorain Herder

"It was SUCH a joy to meet you last Thursday at your beautiful farm, and to have the opportunity to experience the magic that you have created there! Thank you SO much for welcoming us to your home, and introducing us to your beautiful family of deer, goats, pigs, donkeys, kitties, bunnies, tortoises and feathered friends! We feel so grateful to you for providing so much nurturing and love and safety to so many precious souls!! These animals are truly blessed to have such a beautiful, loving home with you at Leilani! We hope to see you again, next time we visit Maui! And in the meantime, we enjoyed receiving our first newsletter from you...thank you so much! And once again, thank you so much for all that you do to make this world a better place."   The Thiessen Family

"LaureLee Blanchard, founder and director of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, is someone who lives exactly the life she espouses. At the lovely grounds of this sanctuary near Haiku on the north shore of Maui, one can find donkeys, rabbits, goats, pigs, cats, chickens, tortoises and even a deer all roaming freely, enjoying life without the threat of abuse or extermination. Blanchard, a vegan, is dedicated to caring for these animals while providing education about a meat-free, dairy-free lifestyle. The lucky animals get to wander around this tropical paradise, with the loving attention of the director, dedicated volunteers (both local and visiting) and plenty of caring visitors. Run as a non-profit existing only through donations, the sanctuary is a great place to reconnect with nature, recharge and do some good in the process. My wife and I have volunteered on each of two recent trips to Maui. We plan on supporting this worthwhile cause from afar, as well."   Ahmet Aydogan

"Hello Laurelee I cannot tell you how happy I feel right now after volunteering at your sanctuary. It is obvious that all of your animals are receiving the best of care and devotion, and on top of that they have some of the most beautiful acreage on Maui to roam upon. Just being near them lifted my heart! What a pleasure to have met you and Rachel. I look forward to the next time I can come and join you and the farm Ohana. Mahalo"   Melinda

"This will be the last inspection of my 24+ year APHIS career. I would like to express my gratitude and profound appreciation for the care and facilities offered to the animals here. Best wishes for continued success in your mission. With warm aloha."  Elizabeth Lyons DVM Veterinary Medical Officer Inspector

"Our visit to your farm was truly a main highlight of my trip. Thank you so much for the amazing visit - I really wish we could have stayed longer. Evie and would have been overjoyed to have been able to stay and help with the farm chores. Hopefully we can make it out again and do just that. Veronica the deer, Dee the cat, the piggie, and Freddy the naughty boy goat, especially made lasting memories for me! You and people like you fill my heart with hope and joy to see and know that you are providing relief and comfort for animals...the world needs so many more folks like you! Thank your for doing what you spite of how hard it is emotionally and physically. You're my hero and a hero to many many animals!"  Channin

"Visiting your farm was one of the loveliest part of my a kid. I keep looking at my photos with your sweet chicken and smile. I hope to be back to Maui soon and you farm will be my first stop"   Bijan

"Dear Laurelee: I so enjoyed the tour of your beautiful grounds and visiting with all the animals. I'll never forget the deer, pig, kitten and little goat that followed us all around. It takes only a minute to see that the animals are well cared for and that you have a mutual love and respect for one another. Thanks you for taking the time to show us around -- we loved every minute."   Evelyn

"We all had a very special experience with you and the lovely animals on the farm. It was a great pleasure to see what a wonderful thing that you are doing for the animals that make their way to your sanctuary, they are blessed to have found you and so are we."  Morningstar

"The joy at the sanctuary kept making me smile. It really is amazing what magic you have there. It makes me want to get to know the heart of every sweet animal. It gives me inspiration to keep healing myself so I can ease more of the suffering of others and bring more love and comfort to their innocent lives. The memories remain so vivid. Feeling the total trust of Veronica the deer. Holding the soft sweetness of Molly the rabbit. And what can we possibly say about the bond between you and dear Freddy the baby goat?!!"   Amber and Jeff

"Thank you so much for letting us have the experience with you and all the animals. We enjoyed our visit so much and left feeling happier and more at peace. It is wonderful to know there are such nice and caring people in the world and that there are places like yours that help the animals to have a wonderful life. Thank you for all you do!"  Curt and Laurie

"Your passion for all things animals has brought this sanctuary to life. Glad to be a part of keeping the dream alive."  Bill Prucha

"Your cause for these animals is extraordinary. Thank you for letting us come here to visit all the wonderful animals."   Baby Hui Maui Members

"Laurelee Blanchard, the sanctuary's founder and visionary, is unwavering in her mission to foster the humane treatment of animals. She's a devoted educator who believes that introducing others to the joy of engaging with animals that live in healthy natural environments can awaken their hearts and help evoke compassionate behaviors toward all non-human life."   Barry

"Aloha Lauralee - What a great article and what a wonderful person you are to help our "fuzzy friends." Thank you for your caring and compassionate work. Mahalos forever."  Jo Anne

"This world (comments) all of us in it, including the creatures, are Blessed to have you here! Thank you for your Compassionate Heart (comments) Noble Service~~~Blessings of Love~Light (comments) Gratitude"   Angel

"How well I remember your lovely place and the happy animals there."   Pattrice

"I was so moved by the stories of rescue and healing--and the pictures are amazing. As I sleep between my two kitties, I am convinced--again and again--of what Eckhart Tolle once said....that animals are the reason the planet is as sane and kind as it is. I have been eating a vegetarian diet for the last several years, and have become vegan in the last year."   Kate

"What a beautiful story and place for animals. I love your picture of Ned. He's adorable!"  Ashton

"Many of us see this place as a fulfilment of dreams in a world that seems to choke our very being. To us, the sanctuary is not just for Ned, Lehua, Maizee and all the others for whom you have made a paradise. To us, it is also a sanctuary for the human soul."   prad

".. looking at all your gorgeous animals, your website is absolutely beautiful. I so admire you for doing what you are doing. I am thanking you for doing what a lot of people wish they could do. "   Lisa

"I think when you go there, you realize this is more than just another happy 'animal rescue' story. These animals clearly adore Laurelee as much as she loves them and their friendliness is clear testimony to how happy and fearless they now feel."   Judy Elam

"My donation part is small compared to what she is doing what she is doing is amazing. She seems like a great lady. I hope to help again in the future. "  George Zuwala

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