This Inspiring Woman Left Her Corporate Career to Start Her Own Farm Animal Sanctuary
When Laurelee Blanchard became aware of the suffering of animals in the agriculture industry, her entire life changed. While most people have an “a-ha!” moment when they learn how animals are treated in industrial agriculture and stop consuming animal products, Blanchard resolved to go one step further.........(read more)

Safe Haven - Haiku Resident Devotes Her Life To Caring For Animals
Laurelee Blanchard had long been an animal lover, but it was meeting a turkey that changed the course of her life.......(read more)

Godiva Chocolate, a blind pig and Aloha Vet
What do you get if you cross a blind pig with Godiva Belgian chocolate? Given the story you’re about to read, chocolate-covered bacon is definitely not the punchline. In fact, chocolate covered bacon–though oddly popular–goes against the core beliefs of Laurelee Blanchard, founder of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, an Upcountry paradise for rescued animals.......(read more)

Leilani Farm Sanctuary to Appear in Premiere Episode of New Nat Geo Wild Series 'Aloha Vet'
Blind pig at Leilani Farm Sanctuary regains sight in upcoming Nat Geo Wild series ‘Aloha Vet’......(read more)

Maui News - Safe Haven
Haiku resident devotes her lift to caring for animals. Laurelee Blanchard had long been an animal lover, but it was meeting a turkey that changed the course of her life......(read more)

Greener Pastures
Dozens of abandoned or abused animals—from goats, pigs and tortoises to ducks, chickens and donkeys—have found new grazing grounds and a happy home thanks to Leilani Farm Sanctuary, an Upcountry Maui farm that’s more than just a petting zoo......(read more)

Sanctuary Wedding Ceremony
Queenie married her husband, Sean at Leilani Farm Sanctuary in a destination wedding on the island of Maui in Hawaii.....(read more)

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Leilani Farm Sanctuary
Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui provides care for rescued animals, humane education to the community, and a model of compassionate living. Today we have a guest blogger, Barry Sultanoff, who will share with us ten (10) great reasons to visit LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY:....(read more)

Wild Boar Whispering
Berney, a wild boar orphan piglet, is an exceptional ambassador for Leilani Farm Sanctuary on farm tours because he is sweet, shy and gentle - helping to dispel the myth that wild boars are inherently vicious and mean....(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Listening to the Animals
When people ask if Leilani Farm Sanctuary's animals communicate with us, I affirm that they certainly do, and that sometimes I even understand what the animals are saying!...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Interspecies Relationships at Leilani Farm Sanctuary
Leilani Farm Sanctuary, home to nearly two hundred rescued animals, is unique among farm sanctuaries in that the animals co-exist in the same environment...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

A Happy Ending for Ned
Story of a Dairy Goat Saved from Slaughter...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Safe Haven
Take a stroll with Veronica the deer, Kea the pig and Ella Fitzgerald the goat and you quickly realize that stepping in to Leilani Farm Sanctuary is a bit like stepping into a book you read as a child...(read more)
by Julia Steele

Ducks Saved from Decapitation
One quiet Sunday afternoon at Leilani Farm Sanctuary, we heard a loud knock on the door of our farmhouse. Standing on the porch was a man who was furious because his tenant had skipped out on his lease and left him with eight male Muscovy ducks, taking the egg-laying females. The man wanted to be rid of the male ducks and gave us an ultimatum: “Either you keep these ducks, or I’ll chop their heads off and eat them.”...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Johnny and the Goat Rancher who Had a Change of Heart
The true story about a goat and a goat rancher...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Saved by the Dell
Leilani Farm Sanctuary takes in animals that had been abused or were doomed...(read more)
by Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi

Kea's Escape from a Piggery to a Storybook Farm
A wonderful escape to sanctuary!...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Animals Help Humans at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary
An oasis of unconditional love in lush Ha'iku...(read more)
by Daniel Weiss

Miraculous Life for Spent Hens
I parked next to a huge warehouse and was greeted by an employee who disappeared for a minute and returned holding four chickens upside down, their legs bound together with twine. Nearby, on a concrete slab, I saw a large pile of hens with their legs tied together. Hens not purchased would be buried alive...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

A Visit to Leilani Farm Sanctuary
We could instantly tell why this was going to be a special morning; the warmth of the greeting and the polite curiosity of the animals said this was a special place...(read more)
by Ritch Yount with Jenn Alm

18000 Demand Matson Navigation Stop Shipping Pigs To Hawaii
Explosive campaign on calls on shipping company to halt transport of live pigs, citing filthy conditions, rough handling and extreme temperatures...(read more)

Bull Romp in Haiku
An article about a bull who escaped...(read more)
by Ann Onymous

A Makawao Sanctuary
Leilani Farm - A Makawao sanctuary for rescued animals...(read more)
by Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez

It's Raining Cats and Dogs
Often tossed out like garbage and left to multiply, many die slow, painful deaths from starvation, dehydration, illness or injury. The problem is so vast that it is almost impossible to solve, let alone control...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

A Happy Ending to a Fowl Tale
Local realtor helps homeless chickens find a new roost...(read more)
by Sarah Ruppenthal

Hens Rescued from Abandoned Egg Factory
I made a plea to other animal advocates on the island to adopt as many chickens as possible and save them from being needlessly killed on the final day of operation...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

A Tropical Paradise for Laverne and Shirley
they were just soaking up the sun - which millions of hens in egg factories never feel in their whole lives...(read more)
by Laurelee Blanchard

Leilani Farm Sanctuary
This isn't your average animal shelter...just ask the animals....(read more)
by Anuhea Yagi

Haven on Earth
A model community offers an enlightened way of interacting with animals ...(read more)
by Barry Sultanoff

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